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 Position Description


The incumbent serves as a Point of Contact at designated IHSC Medical Facilities.


1. Act as a liaison between Contractor’s HQ and field employees.
2. Address/trouble-shoot commonly asked questions from field employees.
3. Inform Program Office of staffing changes and employee matters that affect contractual deliverables.
4. Distribute pertinent administrative and management information to field employees
5. Attend monthly Point of Contact (POC) meetings via phone conference and distribute minutes to employees or post minutes in a visible area
6. In occurrence of injury, assist employee in completing First Report of Injury form and submit immediately to Contractor’s HQ
7. Ensure Time and Collection Guidelines are followed by all staff members to include:
a. Provide online timesheet training for new employees
b. Notify program office of shift differential codes needed
c. Review employee timesheets and prior to end of pay period
d. At conclusion of pay period, provide timecard and timesheet log to HSA for verification and send to program office
8. Timesheets and leave requests
a. Distribute Contractor’s communications and expectations regarding leave and PTO
b. Distribute updated leave request form for employee use
c. Notify Contractor HQ when employees call out or are absent from site
d. Assist program office with timesheet edits and corrections
9. Ensure new hire paperwork is submitted to Contractor’s HQ in a timely manner
10. Facilitate coordination of all TDY travel requests required for Contractor staff when necessary


1. Report to the Program Manager and On-Site Technical Monitor.


Work requires walking, standing, bending, and some lifting.