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Position Description


The incumbent serves as a Dental Assistant at designated IHSC Medical Facilities.
1. Receives and schedules patients for treatment in dental clinic.
2. Obtains and records information related to medical history of patient; routes patients for medical tests and services when required.
3. Maintains dental equipment in a clean and operative condition.
4. Orders and stores dental supplies
5. Performs optimum sterilization and/or disinfection procedures including proper instrument preparation, processing and sterilization in accordance with national policy and procedure and the CDC guidelines
6. Manages autoclave operation, maintenance and monitoring procedures to include spore testing per National Policy and Procedure and CDC guidelines.
7. Makes preparations for general dentistry and oral surgery performed in the dental clinic. By preparing instruments, equipment and materials using aseptic technique and protective barriers.
8. Assists in monitoring patient by noting vital signs for signs of adverse reaction to treatment.
9. Demonstrates understanding of dental materials used in the dental clinic and the ability to properly mix and manipulate these materials per manufacturer’s recommendations.
10. Performs operatory clean-up procedures including surface disinfection, waterline and suction treatment, proper sharps handling and disposal methods in accordance with CDC guidelines.
11. Packages tissue specimens and routes to pathological laboratory, per standard protocol.
12. Changes and removes surgical dressings and removes sutures as directed.
13. Applies the concepts of four-handed dentistry to maintain a field of operation through the use of retraction, suction, irrigation, drying, placing and removing cotton rolls and shields, lighting, etc, during the following dental procedures:
a. Oral Surgery
b. Restorative
c. Periodontal
d. Endodontic
14. Provides to education per dentist for all types of post treatment care including specialized instructions.
15. Records treatment and examination information on patient records.
16. Prepares health history and consent forms for dental procedures.
17. Operates dental X-ray equipment to take intra-and extra-oral radiographs.
18. Develops film.
19. Takes preliminary impressions, pours and trims models from impressions, constructs base plates and bite rims.
20. Assist in maintaining daily/ monthly statistics and preparing reports as needed.
21. Provides oral hygiene education.
1. Knowledge of broad Dentistry functions (e.g diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and emergency care).
2. Knowledge of American Dental Association and Center for Disease Control and Prevention standards regarding dental care and related issues.
3. Abilities: To perform four-handed dentistry, must have good finger dexterity and arm-hand steadiness, ability to work with persons from a wide diversity of ethnic and social backgrounds, ability to work with other health care providers from a variety of disciplines.
1. Registered Dental Assistants preferred. If not registered, must be a Certified Dental Assistant from a dental assisting program.
2. X-ray certification is required.
3. Dental Assistant National Board (DANB) certification required.
4. CPR/ BLS certification required.
1. Works under the direction of the local Chief Dentist unless the IHSC Dental Director delegates another provider to supervise him/her.
2. If a Dentist is not on site, the clinical supervision is provided by the Clinical Director.
Work requires walking, standing, bending, and some lifting, for example to assist patients with wheelchairs.