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Position Description


The incumbent provide a full range of direct dental services to ICE detainees located in one of the IHSC staffed facilities throughout the US. Additionally the incumbent will provide dental consultation to the IHSC as requested.
1. Conducts a program of primary dental care with responsibility for examination, diagnosis and treatment of patients.
2. Provides dental treatment and advice to patients as indicated.
3. Secures case history and related pertinent information.
4. Examines patients, utilizes diagnostic equipment as appropriate, interpreting results for diagnosis; establish diagnose(s) and performs necessary treatment, carrying out such follow-up treatment as may be indicated.
5. Refers patients with conditions/treatments which are beyond scope of the on-site primary care services to an appropriate off-site dental facility for care or refers for consultation to dental, surgical or other adjunct services confirmation of diagnosis and treatment procedures.
6. Prescribes and/or dispenses required appropriate medication to patients.
7. Seeks advice and consultation as required.
8. Provides professional dental supervision to the assigned staff.
9. Directs and participates in preventive dental health programs.
10. Participate in Quality Assurance program.
11. Serve as a resource advisor to IHSC staff on dental health.
1. Graduation with a degree of Doctor of Dentistry from a US or Canadian school as approved by a recognized accrediting body.
2. Posses a Doctor of Dentistry, or equivalent degree, from a foreign dental school that provided education and knowledge substantially equivalent to accredited schools in the US. In addition to the above, the applicant must have two years of recent licensed work experience as a practicing dentist and hold and maintain a current unrestricted license to practice dentistry in the state in which the position is located.
3. Broad functions of dentistry: diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and emergency care; application
of multiple distinct skills, knowledge and abilities in the care of one or more patients.
4. CPR/ BLS certification required.
1. Works independently without day to day supervision.
2. Clinical supervision is provided by the facility clinical director.
3. Works under the administrative direction of the Health Services Administrator (HSA) or designee.
1. Dentist may be subject to verbal/or physical abuse at the hands of a detained alien. ICE or contract guards are on duty in the facility to minimize such occurrences.
2. Requires walking, standing, bending, and some lifting, for example to assist patients out of wheelchairs, moving supplies, etc.