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Position Description


The incumbent serves as a Licensed Practical or Vocational Nurse at the designated IHSC facility.
1. Provides direct nursing care to detainees.
2. Works within Scope of Practice and performs functions outlined in the Guidelines for the Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurse.
3. Obtains medical histories on detainees entering IHSC facility by completing necessary paperwork and referring. Any medical problems to the physician, NP/PA.
4. Assists with medical appointments, emergencies and sick call by taking vital signs and documenting detainee’s medical complaints.
5. Assists with minor surgical procedures.
6. Ensures the medical provider’s orders are implemented.
7. Applies knowledge of drugs and therapeutics when administering medication.
8. Documents all detainee contacts.
9. Using S.O.A.P. format, obtaining by the nurses signature and name stamp.
10. Develops nursing care plans.
11. Coordinates health care needs of detainees with other staff members and coordinates referrals providers as required.
12. Performs record keeping functions in accordance with program policies.
13. Maintains patient confidentiality and confidentiality of medical records.
14. Maintains safety when administering medications and HIPAA cognizant of the potential hazard of drug hoarding and trafficking among detainees.
15. Destroys and properly disposes of all needles/syringes.
16. Assists with the disposal of biologically hazardous wastes on a regular basis.
17. Assures a safe and clean working environment.
18. Assists with maintenance of medical equipment and quality control of laboratory reagents.
19. May assist in maintaining medical supply stock level, restocking as needed. May order supplies (lab and otherwise).
20. Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned.
21. Provides daily nursing care as needed and notifies RN, Physician, or PA/NP of any abnormal findings.
22. Makes beds in the unit as needed.
1. Knowledge of and ability to apply professional nursing principles, procedures, and techniques toward patient care and nursing supervision.
2. Alertness and skill in providing care and reacting to emergency situations.
3. Knowledge of and application NCCHC requirements on safety, infection control, quality assurance, maintenance of records of patients seen, statistical information gathering, etc.
4. Knowledge of training methods and sufficient interpersonal skills to develop a rapport with patients and co-workers during which instructional and educational information is presented.
5. Knowledge of laboratory procedures and guidelines; skill in collecting a variety of samples.
6. Knowledge of supply requisition procedure and ability to complete requests for equipment repair and maintenance.
1. Maintains a current LPN/LVN license, and meets continuing education requirements for the State(s) licensed.
2. Licensed by a State, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or a territory of the United States.
3. Maintain current CPR certification.
1. Works under the immediate supervision of the RN in charge.
2. Works under the administrative direction of the Health Services Administrator (HSA) or designee.
3. If the HSA is not a clinician, the clinical supervision is ultimately provided by the Clinical Director.
Work requires walking, standing, bending, and some lifting, for example to assist patients out of wheelchairs, moving supplies, etc.