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Position Description


The incumbent serves as the Pharmacist for the Pharmacy Department at the designated IHSC Medical Facility.
1. Reads individual prescriptions and determines the name of the drug, strength, and dosage of drugs to be dispensed.
2. Adjusts prescription instructions and drug quantities to correspond to strengths and dosage forms stocked at the medical clinic.
3. Correlates instructions on the prescription with pharmacy policy limitations and notes such on the prescription.
4. Types accurate and concise labels that precisely convey provider’s instructions to the patients.
5. Fills prescriptions by obtaining the correct drug stock, counting the correct amount of medication, placing the medication in smaller containers, and affixing the prescription label and all appropriate auxiliary labels.
6. Counsels patients on the appropriate use of medication(s), utilizing the patients native language if possible, or medication information handouts in the patient’s native language if available.
7. Based on the substantive knowledge and familiarity with a wide range of a articles stocked in the pharmacy, screens all prescriptions upon receipt concerning availability of drug & dosage prescribed.
8. If drug requested is not on formulary, discusses therapeutic options with the provider , suggesting drugs listed in the program formulary where possible.
9. If a non-formulary drug is deemed necessary, assists the provider in filling out a non-formulary request form and obtaining approval where necessary.
10. Answers routine inquiries from doctors, nurses, & other staff on the availability of specific items, e.g., drugs in stock, new drugs on order, & dosage forma available in the pharmacy.
11. Answers questions concerning drug reactions, drug interactions, new drugs, etc.
12. Dispenses "over the counter" drugs, as specified in pharmacy formulary without countersignature of physician.
13. Packages bulk drugs (liquids, tablets, capsules, ointments & creams, etc.) into specific quantities and various sized containers.
14. Operates tablet and capsule counting machines and labeling machines for the purpose of repackaging drugs.
15. Records all prepacking information including lot number, expiration date, manufacturer, current date, and initials.
16. Fills all requisitioned items from other areas of the clinic. If the medication is not available in the requested quantity, makes necessary computations to provide the order in a different unit of measure.
17. Prepares bulk compounds and packages a variety of simple solutions & products, most of which are for external application, such as mouthwashes & disinfecting agents, etc.
18. Places orders for supplies from appropriate sources and tracks supply usage to minimize out of stock items or excess inventories.
19. Assists nursing department in locating sources for hard-to-find items and places orders for nursing supplies based on levels established by that department. Researches supply vendors to find most economical sources for each item (within procurement guidelines.)
20. Receives pharmaceutical supplies & checks receipts against requisitions. Checks for shortage, breakage, deterioration & expiration dates. Discrepancies found are reported to the supplier.
21. Inspects stock to determine frequency of re-ordering drug items, maintenance of current pricing & proper stock rotation. Withdraws outdated drugs, determines proper disposition (destruction or credit returns) & prepares necessary paperwork to initiate proper action.
22. Is responsible for general orderliness, cleanliness & maintenance of pharmacy equipment. Participates in monthly & annual inventory of pharmacy service as required.
23. Types narrative & tabular material such as correspondence, memoranda, newsletters, forms & labels.
24. Types from clean copy, rough draft or handwritten notes without errors or corrections when required, & in accordance with the established format.
25. On a daily basis checks the medicine cabinet & all areas of the clinic where night pharmacy service is available.
26. Responsible for refilling any missing pharmacy drug or supply item used during the night.
27. Inspects & logs the temperature of all clinic areas where any type of pharmaceuticals are stored.
28. On a monthly basis gathers all pharmacy statistical information required to collaborate a complete, monthly report and routes that report through the HSA to ICE HSD Headquarters.
29. Also, on a monthly basis, inventories all controlled substances and inspects all clinic areas where pharmaceuticals are stored.
30. Answers telephone & takes messages for the pharmacy in a courteous professional manner and drives a GSA vehicle when necessary.
31. Responsible for creating & maintaining file folders for upcoming Fiscal Year files & other miscellaneous files.
32. Must be willing to be cross trained to assist in other areas within clinic setting depending on workloads and staffing patterns.
33. Performs other duties as assigned.
34. Maintains current CPR certification.
1. Expertise in pharmacology, pharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics and all management aspects related to the practice of pharmacy in a clinic/infirmary setting.
2. Possesses necessary skills for operating manual, electric or word processing typewriters and IBM Personal Computers (or compatible systems).
3. Possess knowledge of grammar, spelling & punctuation to identify and correct errors to insure accurate copy.
4. Possesses knowledge of and is competent in understanding and communicating pharmaceutical nomenclature including generic, chemical & trade names, Latin abbreviations, dosage forms, drug strengths, formulations & English-Metric equivalents.
5. Competent in data entry and ability to work with & analyze numbers, including bookkeeping & basic accounting skills.
6. Competent in the use of office machines including photocopiers, typewriters, calculators, personal computers & word processing equipment.
7. Competent in the application of computer programs to facilitate management operations in a clinic environment.
8. Possesses ability to work efficiently, accurately & organized in a fast paced environment.
1. Works under the direction of the HSA.
2. Accepts supervisory responsibilities in an acting role as assigned by the HSA.
1. Lifting & carrying weight up to 45 pounds.
2. Reaching above the shoulder.
3. Standing for extended periods of time (6-8 Hours).
4. Performing repeated bending motion.
5. Above average manual dexterity & agility is required when working with unit dose dispensing, typing & operation of the computer.