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Position Description


The incumbent may function in (1) a consultation role, providing psychiatric consultation for medical staff and ICE, and/or (2) a clinical role, providing diagnostic, preventive, and therapeutic services to patients and (3) a supervisory or leadership role.
1. Prescribes and monitors psychiatric medication treatment services including monitoring the side effects of medication and the adverse reactions.
2. Offers comprehensive psycho-educational information with each medication/somatic treatment regarding the patient’s mental illness, emotional disturbance or behavior disorder, treatment goals, potential benefits and the risk of treatment, self-monitoring aids, and identifies support groups for therapeutic assistance.
3. Utilizes the evidence-based algorithms for decision-making regarding patient assessment and medication management.
4. Evaluates patients receiving Medication/Somatic Treatment on the Assessment of Involuntary Movement Scale (AIMS) annually, adjusting medication according to findings.
5. Adheres to medical standards in accordance with IHSC policies, American Psychiatric Association standards and legal requirements.
6. Determines the need for core treatment and specialty services for those in need of mental health treatment.
7. Provides psychiatric care in the treatment of the full range of psychiatric problems.
8. Provides expert guidance to the Director and other staff in all matters pertaining to mental health treatment (modalities and medications), and mental health programs both domestic and international.
9. Maintains accreditation readiness under regulatory standards for surveys by accrediting, certifying, and licensing bodies, including the NCCHC, JCAHO and ACA.