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Position Description


The incumbent serves as a Psychologist at the designated IHSC Medical Facility.
1. Provides psychological assessment and evaluation of detainees.
2. Provides appropriate referral to outside treatment facilities for those cases of extremely severe mental disturbance.
3. Completes written evaluation reports on the mental health status of referred detainees.
4. Provides on site counseling, psychotherapy, behavioral analysis, substance abuse education, and therapy as required.
5. Recognizes problems of adjustment, and maladaptive behavior or other conditions which interfere with successful treatment; referring such detainees to the appropriate mental health facility for intensive mental health care.
6. Determines the need for and provide direct mental health services to detainees with identified mental health and substance abuse problems utilizing psycho educational and treatment modalities as appropriate in the treatment of mental disorders.
7. Reports status to a physician if the expected outcome of drug therapy is not being achieved.
8. Participates with other health team members in the treatment planning process for detainees identified with mental health problems.
9. Provides general psychological guidance for handling demanding and difficult detainees.
10. Serves as a mental health and substance abuse consultant to other health professionals at the facility.
11. Provides education and training to ICE and medical staff in the area of mental health to include, but not limited to, suicide prevention, abuse and neglect and victims of torture.
12. Facilitates contacts between the detainee patient and his/her social support systems.
13. Establishes and maintains liaison with other health services professionals and mental health organizations.
14. Develops and implements mental health local operating procedures (LOPs).
1. Knowledge of specific functions of Psychology to include but not limited to:
a. Observation.
b. Description.
c. Testing.
d. Evaluation.
e. Interpretation.
f. Diagnosis.
g. Treatment.
2. Flexible and able to adapt to sudden changes in schedules and work requirements.
3. PhD or PsyD in Clinical Psychology from a regionally accredited University or Professional School of Psychology.
4. 2 years of supervised experience in Clinical, Counseling, or Health Psychology.
5. Licensed by a State or Territory at the Doctoral level for the independent practice of Psychology.
6. Meet requirements for inclusion in the National Registry of Psychologist Providers if graduated after 1 January 1982.
7. Meet requirements for Health Service Psychologist or Health Service Provider under appropriate State or Territorial statue, if Doctoral degree was received prior to 1 January 1992
8. Maintains current CPR/BLS certification.
9. Maintains clinical professional skills via continuing education opportunities.
10. Cultural Competency.
11. Good Oral/Written Communication Skills.
Daily clinical supervision provided by the Clinical Director with oversight of Mental Health Care by the Chief of Mental Health.
Work requires walking, standing, bending, and some lifting, for example to assist patients out of wheelchairs.