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Position Description


The incumbent serves as a Social Worker for Headquarters or one of the ICE facilities staffed by IHSC. These sites provide medical care to detainees in ICE custody
The ICE Health Service Corpss protects America by providing health care and public health services in support of immigration and customs law enforcement. This is accomplished through maintaining a committed, effective and efficient workforce who provides evidence based appropriate health care in a cost effective manner.
1. Assess and evaluate the mental health of detainees and refer to outside treatment facilities if necessary.
2. Completes written evaluation reports on the mental health status of referred detainees.
3. Provides counseling, psychotherapy, behavioral analysis, and substance abuse education, as required.
4. Recognizes problems of adjustment, maladaptive behavior or other conditions that interfere with successful treatment.
5. Serves as a mental health consultant to other health professionals at the facility.
6. Provides education and training to medical and ICE staff.
7. Responsible for all case management which may involve community treatment placement, hospital placement, or other after care situations.
8. Coordinates and monitors program functions including Post Order Custody Reviews (POCR), Alternatives to Detention (ATD), and Availability of Health Care Programs.
9. Obtains information to assist the Branch Chief and Division Director in responding to external inquires regarding ICE Case Management Unit related issues.
10. Develops speeches, talking papers and presentation material for the Branch Chief and/or Division Director, as required.
11. Arranges placement in, or treatment of, detainees in appropriate settings as required by the conditions of release outlined by ICE.
12. Drafts continuity of care plans, letters and financial expenditure estimates for treatment.
13. Utilizes CaseTrakker system for completing treatment authorization request, case entry and exit reports.
14. Assists the case manager in the development of detail oriented research into availability of healthcare in countries worldwide.
15. Utilizes the Enforce system to retrieve detainees information.
16. Maintains client records in both electronic and hard copy format.
17. Follows supervisory chain of command.
18. Performs other duties as assigned.
1. Knowledge of the case management process commensurate with training and education at the MSW level.
2. Knowledge of the indications and contraindications, complications and techniques in the various psychiatric treatment and diagnostic modalities.
3. Proficient in Microsoft Office applications
4. Flexible and able to adapt to sudden changes in schedules and work requirements.
5. Masters Degree in Social Work with Mental Health Focus.
6. Experience in a correctional setting – preferred.
7. Credentialed and privileged with a current, permanent, full and unrestricted license to practice social work in the state where employed.
8. Maintains clinical professional skills via continuing education opportunities.
9. Cultural Competency.
10. Strong Oral/Written Communication Skills.
11. Maintains current CPR/BLS certification.
Works under the direct supervision of the Chief, Mental Health for Headquarters or the HSA for the field sites.
Work requires walking, standing, bending, and some lifting, for example to assist patients out of wheelchairs.